ZVC840 Zoom Rooms

Yealink ZVC840
Zoom Rooms Kit

For Large rooms and Extra-Large spaces

Yealink ZVC840 is a professional Zoom Certified video conferencing system for large to extra-large conference rooms. This Zoom Rooms kit comes with a UVC84 USB Camera, MTouch II Touch Display, MSpeaker II Soundbar, MCore Mini PC, and three VCM34 Expansion Microphones. UVC84 is a high-end 4K Ultra HD video conferencing camera with 12x optical zoom — plus automatic framing technology that means everyone on the call will be seen.



ZVC840 Zoom Rooms system is a bundle video solution designed for immersive Zoom microphone and MSpeaker II, and MCore mini-PC, the ZVC840 Zoom Rooms system meetings in large rooms and extra-large spaces. With the UVC84 camera, VCM34 delivers users the premium audio and video performance and native Zoom Rooms experience.

4K Performance
Capture All Movements


Featured 4K sensor and 12x optical zoom, the UVC84 camera achieves a gorgeous video experience perfectly for medium and large rooms.
The Auto Framing enables the UVC84 to recognize attendees and frame everyone automatically in the most appropriate view in rooms of any size. The auto-privacy protection design secures the safety of your meetings.


Great Voice pickup
Cover large spaces

With up to four VCM34 microphones supporting 20ft/360° voice pickup range and an MSpeaker II soundbar, the ZVC840 room solution ensures an excellent audio experience. Besides, Yealink Noise Proof technology effectively eliminates background distractions, guaranteeing a crystal-clear voice even in a noisy environment.

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Multi-mounting OptionsSimplified Connections

The MCore mini-PC can be set up according to a particular room layout. Mounting on the wall, sticking to the table can be realized. In Yealink ZVC840 room system, the MCore cable management solution integrates data and power supply into one CAT5e cable, simplifying the complicated connections and reducing the deployment time.

Remote Management

Yealink Device Management Platform or cloud service can manage the Yealink ZVC840 Zoom Rooms Kits, allowing administrators to control devices remotely in an easy way. The platform supports remote configuration, firmware upgrading, monitoring, and diagnosis. Through Windows Update, users can get the latest version of the UVC camera driver and Yealink Plug-in for Zoom Rooms, enhancing the Zoom Rooms experience.


ZVC840 Zoom Rooms Kit – Specifications



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