DECT IP Multi-Cell System

The Yealink W80 DECT IP Multi-Cell System, consisting of two elements – a base station W80B and a DECT Manager W80DM, is designed to provide the organizations who require wireless coverage with the full ease of deployment. This DECT multi-cell system intends to create an extremely scalable and reliable solution for organizations of any size and shape. Meanwhile, the system can work with Yealink W53H, W56H, CP930W, and DD Phone with seamless roaming and handover of the calls,


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Suit for large spaces that need to use Multi-Cell solution with up to 30 base stations/100 multiple devices/100 parallel calls.

W80 with W53H/W56H/CP930W/DD Phone(T41S+DD10K)

Compatible with W53H/W56H/CP930W/DD Phone(T41S+DD10K)

Key Features


Easy Setup, Fast Deployment

The Yealink W80 DECT IP Multi-Cell System provides an easy setup for users and resellers even in a non-multicast network environment. By using the Yealink DECT IP Multi-Cell Deployment Toolkit, the correct location of each W80B base station can be quickly confirmed. Users can set up the system easily and plan large-scale deployments in just a few steps: measurement, installation, and configuration.



Seamless Roaming & Stability

The Yealink W80 DECT IP Multi-Cell System provides a seamless roaming and handover solution that allows users to move freely in large spaces. In addition to supporting up to 30 base stations and 100 handsets, the wireless feature of this System enables users to enjoy flexibility, seamless roaming and handover, HD audio quality, and clear communication.


Up to 100 Multiple Devices With 100 Parallel Calls

The Yealink W80 DECT IP Multi-Cell System supports the networking of one W80DM, the DECT Manager, and up to 30 W80B base stations. This system supports the registration of up to 100 multiple terminal devices, including the W53H, W56H, CP930W, and DD Phone (T41S+DD10K). With support for up to 100 parallel calls, this system also improves communication quality by avoiding busy signals.


Easy Access to Multiple Phone Books

The Yealink W80 DECT IP Multi-Cell System offers easy access to multiple phone books, including Local Directory, Remote Phonebook, LDAP, and XML Phonebook. Additionally, it is broadly compatible with PBX contacts.


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