USB2CAT5E-EXT USB extender


The Yealink USB2CAT5E-EXT USB Extender provides a simplified installation taking the advantage of CAT5e cable. With the flexibility of the USB Extender, users can place the USB peripheral nearly anywhere in meeting rooms. Also, the CATe5 cable length can be tailored according to particular demands. The powerful USB extender solution can boost a USB signal up to 40 meters.

Key Features

• 40 meters long distance transmission
• Simple and flexible deployment
• Nearly applicable to all USB peripherals

Package includes:

• Extender Transmitter
• Extender Receiver
• Interface Protective Cover
• Power Adapter (48V/0.7A)
• Quick Start Guide



Extender Transmitter

• 1x 0.1m USB Type-A cable
• 1x RJ45 port
• 48V/0.7A Power port

Extender Receiver

• 1x RJ45 port
• 2x USB Type-A port
• Interface Protective Cover


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