CP860 End of Life Announcement for CP860

Diamond IP Conference Phone

CP860 is the next generation IP conference phone launched by Yealink. An original diamond-section design makes the product look dazzling, while also providing enhanced display and pickup effect. The CP860 combines fashion able design with HD voice quality, superb pickup efficiency, five-party conferences, joint calls, meeting recording and playback and other multiple advantages. The result is that it brings a high-quality, multifunctional user experience to small and medium-sized meeting rooms.


End of Life Announcement for Yealink CP860

Dear Customers,
Yealink hereby informs you that the CP860 has been discontinued since Feb.18sth , 2019. After the date, new orders for the product would not be accepted.

After the End-of-Life date, Yealink will not pursue any new feature development on CP860, but we will follow the industry standard practices regarding software support of the discontinued (EOL) products. Consistent with such standards, Yealink will continue to offer support and after-sale service.


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