A30 Zoom Rooms

All-in-one MeetingBar A30

For medium rooms

Based on Android 9.0 OS, the all-in-one Yealink MeetingBar A30 brings dedicated medium space meetings for Zoom. Designed in a dual-camera system with an AI-powered camera along with the 8 MEMS microphone arrays and speakers, the MeetingBar A30 delivers the enhanced smart video and HD audio perfectly. Just with simple plug-and-play for a quick kick-off, the A30 delivers a simple but effective solution to every user.


AI-powered Camera
Stay Focused, Keep Centered

With the dual-camera design, the AI technology in the MeetingBar A30 features the Auto Framing and Speaker Tracking(coming soon), delivering an accurate panoramic analysis and image output. The camera automatically adjusts to the best view according to the attendees’ quantity and location. Real-time close-up to the presenters allows attendees to get well-engaged in Teams meetings.

Capture Detail Perfect for Medium Spaces



8MP SensorMeetingBar A30 - Zoom Room - for medium rooms

Equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, A30 has strong image

processing, encoding, and decoding capabilities. The 8 MP camera

features a high-quality video performance.

120° Field of viewMeetingBar A30 - Zoom Room - for medium rooms

The 120° Field of view in one camera captures widely for accurate

image analysis, bringing enhanced video experience in medium-sized

meeting rooms.

10X optical & digital HD ZoomMeetingBar A30 - Zoom Room - for medium rooms

The 10X hybrid zoom ensures attendees can be captured even in

medium-sized rooms without stretch or deformation and distant

participants are still clearly exquisite.

Full-Duplex HD Audio Experience

With Yealink Noise Proof Technology, acoustic echo cancellation, and dereverberation, the A30 with built-in 8 MEMS microphone arrays and two speakers allows users to enjoy a full-duplex voice experience seamlessly without interruption and talking freely in a comfortable way.

Quick setup and Easy to Manage

With the all-in-one design and plug-and-play feature, the deployment for the MeetingBar A30 takes up less space and minimizes the cable bracket and TV mount. Also, the Yealink Device Management Platformclutter. You can choose the flexible mounting way with the mounting ensures easy management remotely for all Yealink devices.

    A30 Zoom Rooms Appliances - ZBM - זד. בי. אם מערכות אבטחה ותקשורת      A30 Zoom Rooms Appliances - ZBM - זד. בי. אם מערכות אבטחה ותקשורת

Consistent Collaboration with A30 for Zoom

 Consistent Collaboration with A30 for Zoom


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